Ten Things to Know About Web 2.0

Created for: THE Workshop: Together in Health Education - October 28th, 2009

Mary Astorino

Instructional Technology Consultant
UNB - Saint John
Mary Astorino

Sue Davis

Teaching/Learning Facilitator
NBCC Saint John
Sue Davis

Welcome to our Ten Things to Know About 2.0 Wiki. We created this as a follow-up to THE presentation. The left side bar displays a link to each Web 2.0 topic. Clicking the name of the topic will take you to a page where you will find:
  • information from our presentation
  • new material to explore

An Invitation to Collaborate

We invite you to join this wiki (http://tenthingstoknow.wikispaces.com) and share your thoughts and any tips or tricks to the existing pages. As well, feel free to add new pages and start sharing ideas on any other Web 2.0 tool.

To contribute, you must first of all create a wikispaces account by following these simple steps: